Neverending Dream Time! YAAAAY!

Hey… Sorry for not saying much lately (not that anyone’s expecting me to) but I’ve been feeling kinda… odd. I’ll probably keep being generally inactive for a little bit, at least until I stop having the odd feeling that my arms are trying to talk to me…

Code Name: Mimmy. Status: Operative. Starting the mental connection. All servers operating well. Connecting to the neuronal system. Transmission start. "Mimmy. This is Zero. Don't talk with anyone about the nature of our project. You are truly crucial to our objectives. You need to stay silently. Beware of the subject 0025. Walsh is another prototype, she is on a differente purpose than you. You are the crucial ace for our country. Stay calm and be a true patriot. Cut."

What? Who? I-I’m starting to get creeped out… What is going on? I don’t-                                                                                         Orders acknowledged. I have already located the one designated “subject 0025”. Awaiting further instruction.

Are you a government experiment, too? At the prison, i heard something about something called "Metal gear LOLLI". I'm not sure but you seem familiar to that idea for me, with those gloves and fancy eyes, honey. ((I needed to make the pun that Cloe's stage was a reference to MGS series lol))

…Maybe? I’m not entirely sure; if I am, that would explain- [The rest of this statement has been deleted by order of the authorities in charge of the ********* project.]                                          

Oh my god, did you hear about what Becky said about you? She says that you're a total loser that pales in comparison to the other assassins. She also says that you're total jailbait and you look like you want to get screwed by Travis. Those are her words, of course. We're really sorry that we have to tell you this, but she won't fess up to it herself.

….Who said i was even an assassin? It’s not like you have to be one to attend. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have allowed a kitten to attend (whose idea was that, by the way?). And I seriously doubt the authenticity of the rest of that statement. Did Becky even say any of that? I’m pretty sure she didn’t (does she even use the word jailbait to describe anyone?) If you want to spread rumors like that, the least you could do is grow a face, anon.

((I just realized that I only seem to post on or in response to TMI Tuesday.

I should probably remedy that somehow…))



Molest: Henry, because I want to see how he’ll react.

Kiss/Have hot sex(if its even physically possible): Charlie, mostly because I want to watch him frantically attempt to justify it to anyone who walks in on us (I’d totally be a dick and leave the door unlocked, by the way). 

I am NOT going to do anything with Travis. It wouldn’t feel right. And there’s also the risk that I kinda explained in a previous response to a question.



…Wait, are we talking about the show or did you just want to shout the name? 

What's your relationship with the Bizarre Jelly 5 girls?

I’m not related in any way, shape or form to them. I have seen a couple of them around this campus, though.

Yay questions!

Apparently, some people gave me some questions while I was sleeping. Amazingly enough, only one was sexual in nature! I Technically don’t have to answer them, since it’s not TMI Tuesday, but I will, because I’m in a chatty mood today. Even the sexual one.

Where the F—- is he?

I Haven’t seen Harvey Voladarski in, like, a month. Anyone know what happened to him?